Gain a holistic view of your patients so you can guide them toward making positive choices about their health. Armed with the right patient data, you can better define and manage risk.


Platform for Engagement to Outcomes

How does it work?


Medication Adherence

At least half of prescribed medications are never taken in America, leading to 125,000 premature deaths annually. Studies show that engaging patients with text message reminders doubled the likelihood of medication adherence.


Automated Outreach

Automated communication with lower-risk patients eliminates time-consuming,non-essential activities so care managers can focus their clinical and interpersonal skills on helping more complex, challenging patients follow their care plan.


Why choose PopulationHealth?

Aggregated Patient Data

Acquire, aggregate and standardize all patient records across your enterprise. Once you have all of your data in a single view, it’s easy to spot areas for improvement within your population.

Establish Intervention Goals

Select the metrics you want to impact, such as a specific patient population, a quality payment program, or a readmissions initiative. Proactive, preventive intervention can divert patients from the high cost of unnecessary emergency department visits or inpatient stays.

Build Campaigns

Build your campaign population based on clinical identifiers, behavioral data and social determinants of health. The platform automatically searches the database for at-risk patients. Set rules to automatically contact patients within a designated population up to 10 times a month using their preferred communication method.

Attain Outcome Goals

Track patient performance against outcome goals with instantly generated, real-time dashboards showing key metrics. Patient engagement and increased adherence pay dividends as the healthcare industry deepens its commitment to value-based care.

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The Future of Patient Engagement

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