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Our focus is giving patients the tools they want so, as consumers, they can engage and take an active role in their own healthcare. At the same time, we enable providers to effectively manage their patients and encourage behaviors that lead to healthy outcomes.



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Our innovative combination of software and services guides the consumer-patient journey, in and out of the office, to a lifetime of healthy outcomes. Our platform helps providers connect their patients to the type of health information they want - personalized, easy to understand, from a source they trust.

Giving consumers accurate, accessible information is the first step in empowering their decision-making and enlisting them as partners in taking charge of their health and associated costs.

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Our Leadership

Our leadership has over 150 years of experience in healthcare, both on the provider side and the healthcare IT side. That experience ensures that our solutions and partnerships are addressing the real needs of healthcare consumers and providers.

  • Gary Hamilton

    Gary Hamilton


    Gary has led InteliChart since its inception in 2010. He brings a wealth of clinical and technology expertise associated with consumer-patient engagement and provider practice operations. Gary drives corporate strategy, product innovation and direction toward one common objective: to enable providers to successfully engage and empower their patients to attain successful outcomes. His passion and commitment to deliver desirable consumer-focused solutions that address the dynamic needs of today’s patient has propelled InteliChart’s market-leading product success. Prior to InteliChart, Gary held leadership positions with Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Atlantic Healthcare Management.
    Gary Hamilton
  • Chris Boston

    Chris Boston

    VP of Product Development

    Chris brings over 20 years of enterprise R&D experience and has overseen product development at InteliChart since 2010. He leads the product, engineering and design teams to orchestrate the blending of organizational vision with InteliChart’s technical excellence. Chris has over a decade of experience optimizing and bringing consumer-engagement products to life for EHR vendors and has been a key component in bringing InteliChart’s award-winning consumer engagement platform to market. Prior to InteliChart, Chris served as Director of Software Solutions for Datacolor and Technical Director for Colorite.
    Chris Boston
  • Diane Conroy

    Diane Conroy

    VP of Customer Success

    Diane ensures that InteliChart’s end users are attaining their patient-consumer engagement goals by leading the InteliChart Customer Success program. Diane has been a key component of InteliChart’s management team since 2010. She brings decades of first-hand experience orchestrating the successful implementation and utilization of provider (EHR’s and EPMs) and patient-consumer based (Portals, Notification Systems, e-Surveys) systems. Since 2005 Diane has held leadership positions in implementation consulting, quality programs, and customer success.
    Diane Conroy
  • Jason Scherr

    Jason Scherr

    Chief Financial Officer

    Since 2010, Jason has served as Chief Financial Officer for InteliChart where he oversees all financial and accounting functions for the organization. Jason is a Partner with TechCXO which has served clients in the healthcare, technology and business services industries since 2008. Prior to joining TechCXO, Jason was a Co-Founder and the Vice President of Finance for a technology-enabled service company where he was responsible for all financial and accounting functions for the organization.
    Jason Scherr
  • Derek Mercier

    Derek Mercier

    VP of Support & Client Services

    Derek has been leading customer support and maximizing InteliChart’s NPS ratings since 2010. He has over a decade of experience supporting both direct provider end users and EHR vendors for their consumer- and patient-related support needs. Prior to InteliChart, Derek served as Director of Support and Client Services where he oversaw the customer support team serving thousands of healthcare providers using the NextGen Healthcare EHR/EPM system. As a member of InteliChart’s leadership team, his responsibilities encompass coordinated efforts with other departments including product development, implementation, and IT infrastructure.
    Derek Mercier
  • Russell Jones

    Russell Jones

    VP of Operations

    Russell Jones serves as Vice President of Operations at InteliChart. He has over 14 years of experience in senior management positions leading departmental oversight for the deployment of complex healthcare information systems in both the acute and ambulatory markets. Prior to InteliChart, Russell served as Vice President of Consulting and Professional Services for Integrated Healthcare Solutions, where he oversaw the professional services team’s successful guidance for thousands of physicians as they made the transition to electronic health records.
    Russell Jones
  • Dario Sosa

    Dario Sosa

    Chief Information Officer

    Dario Sosa serves as InteliChart’s Chief Information Officer and oversees all IT infrastructure and datacenter operations. He has over 15 years of experience in datacenter and systems integration, including diverse experience and background delivering complex IT solutions for hospitals, healthcare systems and regional data exchanges. Prior to InteliChart, Dario served as Director of IT Services for Integrated Healthcare Solutions where he designed and maintained the infrastructure and datacenter to deliver cloud-based EHR and PMS services to thousands of healthcare providers.
    Dario Sosa
  • Kasandra Saunders

    Kasandra Saunders

    Director of Consulting and Professional Services

    Kasandra has been a leader within our professional services and consulting teams since 2010. Today she leads her team to ensure the successful implementation and use of our patient-consumer engagement platform, HealthyOutcomes®. Kasandra is an expert on all aspects of our product suite and leverages her experiences over the past 20 years to facilitate and orchestrate successful client experiences while optimizing product utilization/proficiency. Kasandra brings over two decades of experience implementing complex provider EHR and PMS systems in both the acute and ambulatory domains.
    Kasandra Saunders
  • Craig Allen

    Craig Allen

    VP of Sales

    Craig leads Healthcare Provider Sales at InteliChart. He brings over 25 years of industry experience focused on transforming healthcare solutions, leadership expertise in building client-facing organizations, and a deep understanding of the healthcare provider space. Craig previously spent over 13 years at NextGen Healthcare as Strategic Vice President and Regional Vice President of Sales with responsibility for Sales, Account Management and Market Strategy. He serves on the executive leadership team and is responsible for the execution of InteliChart’s Sales and Outcomes strategy focused on maintaining high client performance and satisfaction.
    Craig Allen
  • Bob Dunn

    Bob Dunn

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Bob is responsible for optimizing revenue generation by developing clear and aligned strategies across corporate, marketing and sales channels, and customer success. His career includes numerous revenue leadership positions including over 14 years at Cisco Systems where he was most recently Senior Director, US Enterprise, Commercial and Industry Marketing, having successfully generated over $7-Billion in annual pipeline represented across 70,000 accounts and over 180,000 engaged consumers/buyers per year. Bob oversees the successful scaling of growth across marketing, sales and partner channel domains at InteliChart.
    Bob Dunn
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